Structure Team

Axxon is committed to ensuring that everyone in its team finds a setting in the organisation that allows them to develop personally and professionally, on foundations of respect, commitment and contribution. We believe that this is the key to ensuring that each person receives, performs and offers Quality Work and Quality of Life.


Mission Team

Similarly, Axxon is committed to ensuring that all of the people contracted and available to user companies find an environment of personal and professional growth where they can do Quality Work and where they can find Quality of Life.



Axxon knows that companies are the people in them and through our professional and personal relationship, we try to make it possible for each person and company to be and feel better through our professional services. We work at contributing to Quality Work and Quality of Life so that people and companies are more capable and more sustainable in a competitive and globalised world.


Axxon believes that companies are part of society and are key elements in improving and developing it. Axxon is fully committed to making a contribution beyond its commercial relationships.

Children, their education and future. Young people, their skills and access to the world of work.

People of any age, sex, race and religion who are at risk of exclusion.


· Culture

· Sport

· Values

· The Earth



We believe our suppliers are a vital basis of our contribution to others. We set out to surround ourselves with suppliers aligned with our personal, professional and social values, while at the same receiving service of the highest quality and value from them. We establish relationships of respect, commitment and contribution so we can guarantee Quality Work and Quality of Life for our organisations and all of the people and companies surrounding us.



Axxon constantly strives to respect the environment. We pursue improved energy consumption, savings in office supplies, rationalisation of vehicles and other material assets and efficiency in our professional mobility.

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