Equal opportunities


At Axxon, we aim to encourage respect of and value for diversity as a source of enrichment. At Axxon there is balanced participation by both sexes as the interests, needs, experiences and skills of men and women differ but also complement each other. We believe that being a man or a woman is not a privilege and does not reflect any capacity to lead. Therefore, we believe it is unfair to let ourselves be influenced by sexist prejudices that see women as subordinate to men in the workplace, in social recognition or simply in everyday language.


The company does not have a traditional pyramidal and hierarchical structure, instead favouring a more horizontal organisational structure. As well as considering gender diversity, it is increasingly necessary to take into account the management of staff who might come from other countries with other cultures and ways of working.


We strongly believe organisations are the people who comprise them. A balance of people creates healthy organisations and satisfied clients. Therefore, we invest in human resources and in creating quality working environments.

Equal opportunities

A healthy environment leads to increased productivity, less physical and psychological absenteeism, more satisfaction, flexibility and less resistance to change, among other benefits. Axxon’s Equality Plan promotes measures to encourage the recruitment, retention and career development of people, ensuring that there is balanced participation by men and women in the different positions and levels of responsibility. In this way, we seek to eliminate fully the stereotypes, negative attitudes and obstacles that make it hard for women to access certain professions and positions.

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