Quality policy

AXXON’s Quality system focusses on Guaranteeing candidates’ Suitability, Adaptation to and Commitment to the client’s project. Axxon also works to ensure that the position matches the candidate’s profile.

Its basic foundations are:


The Professionalism of the team of consultants, who identify the best applications, mentor the worker during and after provision of the service, advise the client of the appropriate option to manage temporary workers.

Specialisation of our service, which is organised in five divisions: EXECUTIVE, TECH, EXPERTISE, SKILLS PRO, SKILLS. This ensures that each area has the specific knowledge, experience and skills to understand and manage the professional project.

Technology and Digitalisation, continuous improvement of the user experience, consultants, clients, workers, prospects and candidates.

Quality policy

Continuous improvement of the talent recruitment, evaluation and specification process.Continuous improvement of communication and evaluation systems with clients and workers during provision of the service.

All of this is the result of our constant search for cooperation and satisfaction for the interested parties, to establishing a commitment to continuous improvement in the team and to guaranteeing compliance with the legislation in force.

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