Safety and risk prevention

Axxon specialises in external management of temporary workers at user companies. Our efforts and knowledge are all aimed at excellence in management of our Human Resources. Integrating Risk Prevention into our business culture and all of the activities we perform is a priority in this management.

The Management of Axxon Selecting ETT, SL commits to exercise the necessary leadership to promote, implement, develop and maintain this Risk Prevention Policy and to disseminate its requirements across all hierarchical levels of management and workers.

To achieve the objective of eliminating risks and harm, the collaboration and involvement of all parties is needed. Axxon Selecting ETT, SL commits to having the maximum knowledge possible of the characteristics of the position and its field. For all of these reasons, Axxon Selecting ETT, SL asks user companies to provide as much information as possible on this matter and to participate in the specific training requirements of their workers. It also asks its workers to have a strong will to maintain a positive and proactive attitude towards risk prevention and safety.

Safety and risk prevention

Axxon Selecting ETT, SL is committed to promoting the necessary trilateral communication mechanisms between Axxon, user companies and workers to achieve a general improvement in the risk prevention culture that goes beyond the bureaucratic formalities required by the legal framework, with the ultimate aim of reducing risks and eliminating harm to people.

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