Axxon Matching Team Expertise Team We are experts in Commercial & Export positions, Marketing & e-Commerce, Finance & Administration, Purchasing & Supply chain, Logistics & Operations, Tax & Legal, Human Resources. We want to help you
Axxon Matching Team Executive Team Our mission is to suggest executives and solidly bring them together with companies, for interim and permanent projects. Involved with you.
Axxon Matching Team Central Services Team At Central Services we make sure you receive quality personalised attention. For the health and safety of all workers as well as their workplace management. We take care of the tax and financial management of the company. We look for tools and mechanisms to transform Axxon digitally and make it a 360° company in the field of strategy and technology.
Axxon Matching Team Skills Pro Team We are experts in Professionals and trades, Retail, Hospitality and Catering, Plant operators and logistics. Committed to you.
Axxon Matching Team Tech Team We are experts in positions in Engineering and Industrial Technologies, Electronics and Automation, Information Technologies, WEB/Mobile programming and design, Quality, Electromechanical R+D and Installation and Maintenance. We are at your service.
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