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What does it mean to be an Axxon Jobber?

Being an Axxon Jobber means staying up to date on job opportunities. It means having the support of Axxon's team of consultants, before and after finding a job. It also means having the necessary tools to be fully prepared before starting a new stage in your working life. 

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Welcome to Axxon Jobber world
Nearly 30 years of experience

More than 700 clients in the last 5 years have trusted us with the future of their company, to help them connect with candidates and thus create quality and professional relationships.

We have gained this trust thanks to Axxon Jobbers like you, as we make sure that all candidates take advantage of their employment prospects to show their full potential and continue to grow professionally. 

Tailor-made job opportunities

At Axxon, we want to pass on our values to all Axxon Jobbers, so we offer several resources to improve your employability.

We want you to acquire new competencies and learn skills in the workplace. That's why we encourage you to do our free course on intrapreneurship skills to be able to improve them and put them into practice in your new job opportunity.

This section dedicated to Axxon Jobbers is intended to provide you with high-quality free online professional and skill-training courses. Your consultant will advise and guide you so that you can take the course that suits you best.

We believe that following a routine of healthy habits is vital to having a positive personal and professional life. It’s important to have control over your routine to know what your strengths are and what you need to improve on. That's why we offer an online test to analyse your habits through a detailed report with tips.

The job search process can be complicated, so we have a space on our blog dedicated to making the process easier for you. For example, how to write a cover letter, or which photo to choose for your resume.

That's not all

Our relationship with the Axxon Jobbers is a lasting one, and the team of consultants will be with you even when you have found a job. In addition, if you are part of an interim project, when the end of the contract is approaching, we will meet to see what your future job will be. There are cases where the projects become permanent, and there are cases where, once the contract is over, we continue to work with you to discover the next project. At Axxon, we are committed to supporting Axxon Jobbers in all future work successes. 

Tailor-made job opportunities
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