Axxon Matching Team

Creating connections for interim and permanent projects

We find the match between candidates and companies

In order to propose the most suitable companies and jobs for each person, we create connections that go beyond the curriculum or the offer. We achieve this by knowing the needs and values of the companies we work for in depth, as well as the skills, abilities, motivations and experience of the candidates we recommend. In addition, we support Axxon Jobbers throughout the process: from the training plan to ensure proper preparation, as well as during the initial stage of the project, whether it is temporal or permanent. 

Axxon Matching Team

How do we do that?

These three elements allow us to improve as the result of our work

  • Technology

At Axxon we are committed to technology so that it adds value to our day-to-day life. In order to create a good user experience, we have programs that enrich the applications throughout the process. To achieve this, we have three different tools during the staff selection process:

· Applicant Tracking System (ATS): This system helps us to efficiently identify the potential of all the candidates and ensure that they fit the positions entrusted to us by our clients. 

· One-way video: Candidates can bring their CV to life and give a presentation to support their application through an introductory video.

· Multilingual CV Parsing: When uploading the CV, the candidates will see how the form is filled in automatically. Become an Axxon Jobber with just three clicks!


  • Knowledge

This technological part is accompanied by the qualitative knowledge of the Axxon team about the labour market. We use tools like company profile diagrams and job profile diagrams to be fully aware of our clients’ status and minimise the risks of the candidates we recommend not fitting in.

We also help candidates to make the decisions that benefit them the most by informing them at all times of the different jobs available and the remuneration trends of the market.

In general, to get the perfect match we rely on the knowledge, skills, personality and motivation of both the employer and the candidate.


  • Support

The Axxon team always takes into account and works on the communication between the three parties (employee, client company and Axxon) to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible. This relationship continues even after the onboarding to know how the work project is going, what questions may arise and what opportunities for improvement can be shared. 

How do we do that?
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