Those little things

Girona, 28.12.2022, Anna Comet

Before finishing 2022, we want to do a little reflection. In this article, we do not pretend to impose a way of interpreting reality but to inspire.


Inevitably, the approach to the end of the year makes us all remember and review what we’ve lived. Evaluating, almost involuntarily, the past year can sometimes bring us a lot of calm and good memories. Nonetheless, it can also have the opposite effect, as some experiences are not that good. But that is how life works, isn’t it? 


Looking back at the experiences of the year is a moment when it is crucial to highlight the moments when we felt happy, giving us hope to face the new year. It is important to maintain an actual perspective from all the moments, even the ones we would like to change or erase, but giving a special something to the good ones can be a glimmer of hope to face the new year, follow the path we would like to take, even when we do not know what we want- which can happen to all of us


Society has educated us in a way that forces us to think big, always look for the maximum and be productive. Although it is indeed good to aspire, many times, wanting to be more and more makes us blind to those little things. Some things we face daily might be worthwhile, but our daily rhythm, preconceived ideas, or prejudices do not allow us to appreciate them. What we mean here are all these things that, although they may be or seem small -if we know how to detect them- are the ones that will make us smile when we least want to.


What is more, these little things are personal and non-transferable. They are experiences, moments, feelings... that we build or live, most of the time, unconsciously, and all we need is to be attentive enough to perceive them.


The feeling of mutual understanding with your children, a co-worker, your partner... Feeling the sound of a bird in the middle of the city. The creation of a rainbow when it rains. Listening to a beautiful song at the least expected moment. A radio program that makes us laugh. Sharing lunch or a coffee or a walk with that person who makes us feel good. Reading a good book, even if it's only a few pages, because we don't have more time. A cold or hot shower, noticing how the drops fall on us. Finishing that physical activity that requires effort but gratitude. Getting on the scale and realizing that the effort we make betting on healthy habits is paying off...


The list is endless and intimately personal. You just need to know how to interpret it. Sometimes making the effort to remove the mask that does not let us see beyond, and for comfort or laziness, we do not want to take it off even if we are not comfortable.


They say that life is an attitude, and yes, the phrase is beautiful, even idyllic. Sometimes we think this attitude must be something big, important, and imposing, so there is no way to find what we already have meaningful. It can result in the feeling that our goals are too big and feel the heaviness on us. But certainly, if we know how to find this attitude in small things, and we can appreciate them, we will have a good part of the path traced.


Happy 2022’s rewind and good little resolutions for 2023.