Skills Pro


What is Skills Pro?

Skills Pro is one of Axxon’s internal departments. This department manages positions and applications relating to trades, production, industrialisation, logistics, retail, hospitality and catering.

Every day, our Skills Pro consultants identify, evaluate, suggest, contract and make available specialist high-quality workers.


Skills Pro is probably Axxon’s most dynamic department. As companies have started using new technologies, the profiles organisations demand have developed to include technical knowledge, digital skills and adaptability.

Skills Pro

Values and Characteristics

The values we convey at Axxon, to our candidates and our clients, mean leading companies in the sector trust us with identifying and specifying the talent they are seeking. Our professionalism, specialisation and quality help us to continue to grow and keep the trust of numerous candidates, workers and clients.


Why trust in Axxon? Whether your need to add a professional to your company is structural or derives from the need to deal with a temporary project, suitability and a perfect fit are vital. Our knowledge, experience, skills and unique method enable us to understand our clients and candidates in-depth and give them calmness and certainty in their decisions.

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