Given current market trends where many companies are having to restructure and reduce staffing levels, at Axxon we offer a mentoring service to improve the career prospects of workers who lose their job. The aim is to offer personalised guidance for people who are released by the company, which is intended to improve the skills of professionals who have to find new employment.

  • Individual coachplacement

    The aim of this is to provide a guidance and mentoring programme for professionals who are leaving the company in their job search process. At the same time, an objective appraisal and feed-back on the individual’s professional profile and professional expectations is provided. Special attention is given to personal skills and strengths and areas to improve are identified. This evaluation and feedback forms the basis of the competence development programme carried out at the same time as the job search.



    Group coachplacement

    A group outplacement is a guidance and mentoring programme for a group of workers who have left (or are going to leave) an organisation, with the aim of ensuring the participants can rejoin the job market as quickly and smoothly as possible. The group outplacement service is customised to the client company and can include additional consulting services to enable the company to decide in advance which workers it will let go. This normally includes group activities and individualised guidance for each of the participants.

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