At Axxon we are experts in identifying and suggesting talent so that you can deal with temporary and permanent projects. We are backed up by over 25 years’ experience. Our first priority is to develop an in-depth knowledge of your company and the position you entrust to us so we can guarantee a perfect fit in the applications we suggest to you.


We do this with quality, advanced technology and professionalism and through our specialist areas: Executive, Expertise, Tech and Skills Pro. Each area has the mission of developing a precise knowledge of the clients who entrust the search for professionals to us: their culture, values, objectives, organisational model, positions (responsibilities, tasks, skills required, work schedule, remuneration package).


This working model based around specialisation, is what enables us to bring companies and candidates together with guarantees of success. This is why we can guarantee the suitability, adaptation and commitment of the candidates. We believe that getting it right when bringing suitable people in to companies is a key factor in the success of organisations. We can say with certainty that outsourcing with Axxon means efficiency and quality.



For Interim projects, mentoring by the consultant during and after provision of the service is key. During provision of the service, we monitor progress to make sure the worker/company relationship is successful. We advise workers on how to improve their strengths and on areas to reinforce. We notify the client company of all relevant points and recommendations that we think might help improve the provision of the work. We strongly support specific and complementary training for the worker to carry out the temporary project, and so we provide our workers with a powerful training platform. Once we have described the position and have selected the worker, we recommend the course or courses that might be useful to strengthen his or her knowledge and enhance the position. We also offer the worker modules in course format to help develop the intrapreneurial skills, that are so important for performing day-to-day duties.

Axxon is a company that supports sport and health. This is why we encourage healthy habits and offer our workers a test that helps them be aware of and improve their healthy habits based on a detailed personalised report.



Our selection process is a very high-quality service. Firstly, we analyse the functions to be performed, knowledge of the working environment and culture of the company, so that we can precisely define and suggest the profile of the ideal candidate. To do this in an organised and methodical way, we use our Empresagrama and Professiograma. We always review and agree this information with you to ensure maximum understanding of your company and needs.

The interviews we carry out with the candidates you select are semi-structured so we can perfectly identify all of their knowledge, experiences, personality and motivations. Our mission is to guarantee a perfect fit between the candidates and your company. The fact we go beyond the data we collect in a job description and from the CV means we can ensure our applications are suitable.

We manage job adverts for private companies. These can be to cover several positions with the same profile, to increase the number of staff, because of new openings or for holiday cover. At your request, Axxon will manage the shortlisting and calling of candidates by improving adverts and other techniques for attracting talent, as well as hiring venues. Finally, we also manage competitive exams for public sector bodies. In other words, we evaluate the personality and aptitudes of the applicants by carrying out aptitude tests. We can participate in the interview and, at the request of the relevant body, manage shortlisting and calling of applicants.

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