For companies to continue being competitive, a priority factor is continuous training of workers, maximising development of the skills needed to make their actions and the management and performance of their teams as effective as possible. Delivered by external collaborators, experts and specialists in different areas of competence.


The client’s specific needs and/or opportunities are identified, targets and indicators are set, and development activities and the practical formats to use to achieve the set targets are designed.

  • Coaching

    Coaching is a discipline that makes it possible to identify and break down the barriers people often encounter when trying to achieve their aspirations and to discover new targets. At Axxon we believe in the numerous benefits of coaching at a professional level. It facilitates development of the potential of people and teams to achieve coherent objectives and important changes.


    In-company training

    With in-company training, we help boost companies’ productivity and competitiveness. For workers to feel motivated in their position and for the progress, growth and development of each one of them, it is very important that they acquire new information, aptitudes and attitudes. It helps them have optimal time management, dynamize and strengthen team work, improve assertiveness and learn to manage emotional time.

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