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How can I register?

There are two ways to be part of the Axxon jobbers, from an offer or by subscribing to our database.


If you see a job offer that appeals to you and can fit your profile, we recommend that you sign up directly. To do this, you need to click on "Sign up for this offer" and think about your CV. Then fill in all the missing data and click "Submit". We will email you to confirm that you have registered correctly!


On the other hand, if you are open to various options, you can register directly in our database so that our team can take you into account in the different selection processes that fit your profile. Go to the Register page and upload your CV. Then you have to fill in all the missing data and click "Submit". The next step will be for our consultants!


If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us ( or to send us your CV.

Why should I register on the candidates' database?

By signing up on this link you will become part of the Axon database. This means that when our consultants have new job offers they will look among the candidates database to see who fits the position. If you are among the chosen ones, you will receive an email from us soon!


*Tip: Try to include keywords related to your experience and knowledge in your CV. This will make it easier for your skills not to be overlooked in the search engine.

I can't upload my CV. What's happening?

Normally, if there is an error while uploading the CV is because the document is too heavy. In these cases, the solution is to compress the CV.


There are several pages through which you can do this before trying it again, such as


If the error continues, get in touch with us. 

How can I change my user information?

If you are only registered on our database, you do not get access to other portals. This way, you don't receive any username nor password. 


Only if you become a worker will you receive a username and password to access the different Axxon portals. If this is your case, consult your consultant to make the corresponding arrangements.

How do I update my CV from the database?

As the Axon platform does not work through users, you should register again in order to update the old document. Having the same data, the old document will be changed with the new one.

How do I know the status of my application?

This process may vary depending on the portal from which you have registered. Pages like infojobs or infofeina have their own communication channels.


Nonetheless, if you have registered directly from our page, you will receive an informative email every time there is a movement in your application.

How can I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe from our database you must send an email to or requesting it. Once we've done that, we'll send you a confirmation email.

How does Axxon protect my data?

Axxon uses the requested personal data only to handle requests, register or provide the requested services. Confidentiality and security are guaranteed at all times, and we only ask for data that is relevant to the process. For more information, see the legal notice page.

I have been rejected from the candidacy. What should I do now?

Our relationship does not end here!


At Axxon we store your data, in accordance with the accepted conditions, for possible offers that may come out and fit your profile.


In the meantime, you can take the opportunity to improve your candidacy with the tips we give on our blog.

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