Specialists in temporary work and personnel selection

We bring talent to companies

Our identity is based on recommending talent to companies that trust us, and while we specialise in temporary work and staff selection, our service goes much further. This is possible thanks to the steps that make up our modus operandi, for both interim and permanent projects, always focusing on our clients, whether companies or candidates.

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Specialists in temporary work and personnel selection
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At Axxon we have been building our DNA for almost 30 years. It is composed of ideas that define our relationships, values, and day-to-day life. No matter the nature of the position. Whether for an interim project or a permanent project, the dedication to getting to know the vacancies on offer and the candidates is always the same. 

For interim and permanent projects

We are a team, we are facilitators, we are professionals, we are specialists, we are people, we are temps, we are permanent, we are technology and we are digital.

We know

We believe that investing in each of our applications is investing in our clients. With a genuine immersion and support for the application, we ensure that the candidate is a perfect fit with the client company through the following tools:

    We use the best digital technologies and networks to attract talent to our client companies.
    We support the most human part of Axxon, our consultants, through technological tools that allow us to streamline and accelerate trusted selection processes.
  • - CV PARSING: Candidate CV data is interpreted to transform it into structured data that helps us improve the user experience with high reliability. 
  • - SEMANTIC SEARCH: We search for the best candidates using keywords in an internal search engine, inside and outside our database.
  • MATCHING INTELLIGENCE: It allows us to speed up the process of matching between companies and candidates based on a correlation between job descriptions and candidates.
  • - ONE-WAY VIDEO: An efficient way to get to know your candidates better. In the early stages of the selection process, this resource is available to be able to prepare predictive analyses and bring curricular data to life.
  • - CUSTOMER AREA: We have a shared space with our clients to manage the trusted processes and the submitted applications. Customers will be able to track the selection process in real time to provide feedback and progress more quickly and efficiently.
  • EXPERIENCE: The trust of thousands of candidates and companies in different sectors since 1994 allows us to create connections with a guarantee of success

We recommend:

To get the perfect match between companies and people we make sure that the knowledge, skills, personality and motivations of both parties are aligned. We achieve this training through specialising in professional sectors and areas in order to be up to date in all areas.

We connect:

Outsourcing with Axxon is efficiency and quality. We create deep relationships that allow us to meet the goals of companies and candidates. In addition to the services of temporary work and staff selection, we also offer other solutions such as consulting, onsite, coachplacement, and training

For interim and permanent projects
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