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  • Puesto de trabajo: 

    CTO eSports division

  • Referencia: 04515
  • Zona geográfica:  / Barcelona
  • División: 
  • Número de vacantes: 1
  • Funciones a desarrollar:
    Fluendo, a leading Company on Multimedia Solutions is hiring a CTO for their eSports division, from their offices located in Barcelona.

    As a CTO, you will plan, coordinate and assure implementation of strategies to develop in support of the organization. You will be in charge of a team, that have to design and build desktop and mobile applications running several platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iOS) and using C# Mono, Xamarin, Gtk+, among other technologies.

    You will be joining their software development team, working in the development of their own products: RiftAnalyst or LongoMatch, video analysis tools, the first one of eSports and, specifically for League of Legends and the second one, for the traditional sports like football, basket…

    We are looking for a good professional, with an extensive knowledge of C#, that knows to write async code and have experience developing cross-platform applications from its initial design to the final packages released to end users. You must be capable of leading the design and implementation of new features, empowering code reuse across platforms and mastering the development lifecycle of an application, both mobile and desktop. It will be a plus if you have your own side projects and you have already shipped an application of your own.

    Required skills:

    •Knowledge of the Xamarin development ecosystem

    •Passion for clean, stable and unit-tested code and some love for DevOps lifecycles (building, testing, delivering)

    Experience building mobile application for Android and iOS
    Experience building desktop applications for Mac or Windows
    Capable of writing async code
    Deep knowledge of any UI toolkit
    Fluent using git
    Experience in managing teams

    Is valued:

    Know how to design user interfaces with XAML
    Have experience with multimedia applications, like video players or camera captures
    Have a good understanding of MVVM design pattern and data bindings
    Love and kind of sport that can be analyzed

    They offer:

    Salary based on your experience
    Great work environment
    Work-from-home on Fridays
    Half-day on Fridays
    25 vacation days
    Gym and private medical insurance
    At least 2 team building per year
    Fruit on Mondays

    We are looking for passionate individuals that love their jobs and are not afraid of taking new responsibilities and leave their comfort zone.
  • Salario:  A convenir
  • Oferta publicada por AXXON RECURSOS HUMANS, S.L.U.
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