Specialists in programming: How is the developer's profile?



While society and the work world keep evolving, in Axxon we do the same. With our specialized teams, we update ourselves on the latest developments in each sector. Now, we will tell you about some of the updates so that you can have a better understanding of the current situation.


One of the sectors that has grown the most in recent years is the IT sector (Information Technology) which, among other functions, prepares the digital world so that we can work and access all the information. Within this sector, one of the pillars in its execution is the DEVELOPER profile.


Nowadays, although this professional profile is essential, it still does not have a clear team structure due to the rapid growth in demand. Nonetheless, we want to give you an introduction to the area by talking about the developers' profiles and the positions that help them to achieve the goal.



What is the role of developers?


In general, this profile is responsible for creating, developing, and updating applications (software, web applications, apps...) through programming languages ​​(writing systems that transmit information and instructions to a program or web).


Today, these technological services are essential for many companies to reach their end customers. In this process, developers are responsible for building the digital product that will act as a bridge or service between the company and customers. However, they need to rely on other professionals to offer attractive programs, websites, or apps to customers, detect the company's needs and keep the product or service update.



What roles does the team have?


Behind the creation and development of an app (be it software, web page, or mobile app) there is a large and detailed process. The developers’ profiles do not do all the work but specialize in different process periods. As said before, the final work does not just rely on developers but additional professionals to give a better result. Discover them!


FRONT-END: the profiles that work on the visible part of the product that will be developed, meaning the landings where the end users will navigate.

  • UI/UX: UX/UI designers usually have a background in graphic design. They are in charge of the app image and design to make sure that follows the branding, that it is attractive and intuitive, and all the little details.
  • Programmer: transforms the image and web design to HTML and CSS code for later development.
  • Front-end Developer: creates and develops the final app through codes like JavaScript or Angular, following the steps that the previous profiles have designed.


BACK-END: the back-end team works on the server, the unseen part of the app that works for correct development. They are responsible for the administration of data storage, databases, and their proper functioning, among others.

  • Back-end Developer: creates and develops the logic of the product, that is, the processes of purchase, contact, as well as its security. They mostly use code like Java, Python, PHP, C#, Ruby, and Go.
  • Database administrator: creates, manages, and improves the database system of the web, app, or software using the SQL language. They moderate large amounts of information, and that is why it is a profile that can also be found in Big Data.
  • Systems administrator: is in charge of connecting the product to the internet, installing it, and maintaining it on the server so that everyone has access to it. They mostly work with Linux.


- Full-stack: this profile mixes the two previous developer profiles. The full-stack developer does not have to be a specialist in Back and Front, but he/she knows both. Sometimes you can be a specialist in one of the two “ends”. By having this versatile character, the full-stack developer can sometimes act as a coordinator of the process.


- Software developer: sometimes this profile can be mixed with the database administrator since they are in charge of creating and designing new information management systems. It is also responsible for the maintenance and improvements of the program.



The developers’ profiles will keep growing in demand and become common among job offers. Did you know any of these profiles?


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