Is passion real?

21.06.2022, Anna Comet


What is it that makes you want to jump out of bed? What is it always around your mind that makes you smile? What is it that, although you feel tired, you still want to do it? What comes before other priorities?


Have you ever thought about it? I bet that something came up in your mind when answering the previous questions. And that thing, whatever it is and if it exists, is something you do with passion.


If we look in the dictionary for the meaning of "passion" we will find up to 12 definitions -something not very common. Some of these definitions can be conflicting among them. In addition, "passion" is a very intense word, no matter which meaning you take. Its intensity transforms passion into one of the main engines that move people.


When we feel passion for something, it is easier for us to do it, and probably we will do it with pleasure. We do not need great external motivations to get ahead with that, whatever it is and whatever it takes.



But does passion come as standard, or do we have to look for it?


There is a bit of both. You don't choose to have a predilection for something over another. Passion can emerge because something has amazed us and we have a lively inclination or because, as we have been getting to know it and living it, it has been penetrating, moving, and dazzling us.


But we can't always inherently feel that passion. We are human: we have feelings and preferences. We go through times when we feel more or less motivated by things, whether we are passionate about them or not. Periods during which it costs a little more to find grace in what has always caught our attention, pleased and motivated us, and times during which we only live for that.


You have to know how to manage both the low moments, to stay animated, and the high ones, to not neglect the rest of the things that surround us and make up our lives.


Those people who are lucky enough to feel passion for something in a practically natural way, those who feel strongly attracted to it, have the advantage of being able to fight for what calls them or to work tirelessly when doing it.


Knowing how to find what we like and what calls us often is not easy and we have to do our part to realize what things are that awaken this passion in us.


Feeling passion doesn't mean it's easy. Feeling attracted to work, to an activity, to a sport, to a hobby does not mean that we do not have to put effort and all our senses to make things go well, but surely, if we find what we like, the path will be much simpler and we will have more resources to generate goals and work to achieve them.


Passion is personal, and only each one of us can value it. Goals are personal and unique. We must never let anyone underestimate them and, above all, let us not do it ourselves.