The motivation engine

16.08.2022, Anna Comet


Motivation is one of the main engines that moves us to do things. Whether we do things of work, leisure, with the family, or friends. If there is a bit of motivation, every effort is rewarded by the enthusiasm and the desire to carry out a project or a challenge.


Nonetheless, motivations don’t always come that easily. We all live times during which we find it hard to find the desire to do things. When this happens, we should not punish ourselves or feel bad about feeling unmotivated.


Life, in all its aspects, goes through ups and downs: moments of great splendour and strength, and more delicate times in which you have to be patient to get ahead.


It is important to remember that we cannot always be energetic and assume that we can go through moments where we feel more slothful. To get through the difficult times we must be clear about two very important concepts:


  • Firstly, as it has been mentioned above, it will not help us feeling bad when you get up out of inertia, without anything concrete that motivates you. It is worth assuming feeling unmotivated can be a good time to learn and cultivate patience.
  • Secondly, we cannot stay stuck on the lower times. It is true, feeling bad for not being motivated does not get us anywhere, but we need to move forward. Surely, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to go from 0 to 100 in a few days. By expecting sudden changes, the only result that we will obtain will be frustration. To move forward it is advisable to look for small motivations, small challenges, small illusions that help us find that strength to want to improve, to want to learn, to want to do more. Perhaps we think of goals that at the beginning may seem ridiculous, but if we are able to put an ounce of illusion, we will be able to advance, step by step, towards better times.



Therefore, we do not need to focus on big milestones. To give some examples:


- A journalist cannot pretend to write a book, but they can start by writing small articles for a website or blog.


- A hairdresser does not need to pretend to only comb brides. For sure that cutting the hair of children, who give you a smile while handling the scissors, can also be rewarding.


- A person who wants to start a diet does not need to suddenly change their entire diet. Perhaps, by stopping to eat a croissant in the morning and adding one more piece of fruit a day, they will feel better and will be able to continue making changes day by day.



To sum up, what we are trying to convey is that motivation will be what will make us move to make a change of habits; to search for new jobs; to start or continue studies that help us grow in the workplace; for being a little more competent every day in our field, for being better companions in life, work; best friends; better fathers or mothers... in short, for wanting to get up every morning and take on a day that, many times, is heavy.



We cannot pretend that this motivation comes to us as a gift, but with a little imagination and effort, we will end up finding it, even in delicate times.