Strategies for not giving up physical activity

20.09.2022, Anna Comet


In other articles, we talked about strategies that could help us get started in physical activity and how to introduce them into our daily lives.


With today's article, we will look for strategies to maintain motivation and not give up once we have managed to take the first step: start.


One of the first rules that may seem somewhat absurd, but which is very important, is to organize the week beforehand and be clear about when we will be spending time doing physical activity. Marking it on our agenda as an important element can be helpful, so doing sport will be part of our priorities, and we will not leave it aside.


Looking for people with whom to share the activity will help to maintain the commitment with oneself and with the others we have committed. Besides, it will be a socializing moment as you will be spending time with friends while doing sport.


Prepare beforehand all you need on the day where you are supposed to do sport. Bring your clothes to work, in the car, and have them ready at home... this way, even if it is a little time, you will still be able to go to the gym, go running, swim, or do others. A small amount of time will always be better than nothing.


Having an economic bond helps us maintain a commitment. If we are one of those that cost us a lot, but we are very clear that we want to do it, the fact of being registered in a gym, in a club where we play paddle tennis or tennis, in a pool where we can swim or receive the services of a personal trainer, you can help us keep that commitment.


When we have been practicing for a while we will have learned that it is often very difficult for us to start but that the feeling of finishing is very pleasant. Let's keep it in mind and when we get lazy, let's be able to think about how we'll feel when we finish. Let's find that state that we like so much!


Therefore, and linked to this last point, we must try to ensure that our physical activity always has a pleasant ending. If we have gone for a run or walk, let's make the last stretch easier and relax. If we have gone swimming, let's take a few moments to float in the water and feel the pleasant sensation of weightlessness and the muscles worked but already relaxed. If we have gone to play a game of paddle tennis or some other team sport, let's save 5 minutes to comment on the game and laugh.


Multisports watches or mobile applications that record activity help to see progress and keep us connected with our activity. They are a good reference for those who want to measure practice and seek to advance.


Finally, we can also propose challenges to ourselves or to colleagues to increase motivation. Even make self-gifts when we get some specific sessions a week or what we have marked.


But most important of all, we must prioritize our well-being. If we are well, it will be much easier for our entire environment to work: family, work, friends... It is very good to think of others, but we must also leave a little space for self-care.