UPDATE 2023: The processing of the temporary sick leave will be completely digital



Since April 1, 2023, the management of temporary sick leave will be online. The update of RD 1060/2022 simplifies the procedure between workers and companies when processing sick leaves. From now on, presenting the paper of sick leave and medical discharge to the company will not be necessary. However, it is crucial to notify in time of your leave to the company.



What is a temporary sick leave?

The term "temporary sick leave" is also called Incapacidad Temporal (IT) in Spanish. These are situations in which a worker cannot temporarily perform their work functions, but with the expectation that they can return to carry out their work soon.



How was it done so far?

In the old management system, the protocol to follow established that the doctor gave the worker a paper copy of the leave and discharge to be delivered to the company. Now, this obligation on the part of the worker disappears, but they must continue to notify the employing company of the withdrawal so that it can carry out the pertinent procedures.



Update of the procedures for sick leave:

As of April 1, 2023, the medical leave is going to be managed electronically. The new procedure starts with the generation of the medical document by the Public Health Service, which then will be delivered to the employing company through the Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (INSS). The notice of discharge will be issued immediately once the medical examination has been carried out.

In this way, the worker will only receive a copy of the notice of the sick leave, but it will NOT be necessary for them to send it to their work since the latter can consult it through the INSS Companies Archive. Following the new procedure, the companies must transmit to the INSS the data of an economic nature and the job position through the Electronic Data Submission system (RED) within three business days from the receipt of the notice of cancellation.


IMPORTANT: Although you no longer have to take the leave documentation directly to the company, it is ESSENTIAL to notify them in advance when it is not possible to go to work.